Wednesday, 28 October 2009

This is how rock n rollers do

Behind the lens snaps Bryan Adams whilst Rolling Stone's Ronnie Wood exhibits his artwork. Sounding like a 1970's, drug-induced fantasy? Bring this image 30 odd years forward and change the setting to Liberty's luxury department store. Ronnie Stewart has gone from rock and roll guitarist to fashionista! From guitar legend to artist to clothing designer Stewart (with the help of Liberty) has created a limited edition range of clothing for Liberty from three of his paintings inspired by the day when he decided to turn his life around. Keeping it insanely exclusive slash collectors item, the range only consists of 80 holdalls, 150 scarves, 150 dresses amongst others.
Psychedelic is the only word I can think of right now... geek?

Monday, 26 October 2009

Getting graphic

Combine my love for prints with my leggings fanaticism in a big blender, mix in some colour and a bit of structure and what do you get? Ostwald Helgason.
Founded in 2006 by two German designers, the brand produces structure with graphic print and colour with feminine and soft undertones.
The brand has recently collaborated with ASOS to provide us with animal prints, lines, graphics and colours and paneling to create dresses, tops, skirts and leggings that have made their way to my wish-list.
Final note: welcome back to the skirt over trousers appearance

When obsession sets in

The year 2008 brought us many joys, one of which is the arrive of Cherly Cole to the  X-factor and very quickly into our hearts. The country has with no doubt geared over to a slightly more obsessed side of this admiration where CherylColeStyle was the next obvious step to take: an entire website dedicated to her style and where to buy the clothes she wears for a much more reasonable price tag.
Slightly obsessive but will for sure cater to a very large audience!