Saturday, 3 October 2009


After a three and a half hour flight,  an unimaginable drive up the blind spots of mountains roads, i arrived in Sicily. Whilst trolling through the quaint "roads" - more like pavements, the majority of shops in view are those featuring the standard high-end names one expects to see such as Marc Jacobs, Cavalli, Dolce etc. In the city of ceramics named Caltagirone I entered a shop where a number of look books were laid out for curious window shoppers like me to browse. I stumbled accross the look book of an Italian designer i hadn't heard of named Elisabetta Franchi and picked it up for my two and a half drive back to my hotel. What came next can only be described as enchntment. Never have I come across a look book in which I literally wanted every piece and every outfit featured. The designer has called this collection "a bad and dirty girl" due to the skin tight trousers and provocative nature of the pieces.
As I do not have my amenaties from home with me, I cannot scan the lookbook, however, the website features a number of the pictures from the book.

What I love about this lookbook compared to a catwalk shot is the more wearable and realistic appeal the clothing posesses in which I can actually see how they fit in with the backdrop of everyday urban life. The photo i have enlarged is my favorite and is one I will definitly try to emulate, lets hope successfully....
On a semi-related note, even 6 year old Italian boys dress imaculatly! It's no lie when they say Italians dress well

Friday, 2 October 2009

Easy DIY

All this studding we're seeing everywhere is one massive cry to the recession feelers amongst our public to start DIYing. All it takes is a pair of cheap black Primark boots/shoes, studs from ebay, an awl to pierce holes with and an eye focused on keeping the studs in line. That's really all there is to it!
I'm currently in the process and will post a photo of the final product once the process is completed.
Some photos of some boot studding arrangements to inspire:

photos via

photos via fashiontoast

photos via

A Burberry kind of boot

Being back at uni in the wonderful  Mancunion   land has one very distinct flaw, rain. Yes Manchester really is the rainy city and so into my cupboards crawl my pumps leaving my boots excited about seeing the world beyond their four-walled confinement they've been subjected to for almost half the year. To be honest as sad as I was to see the sun tuck away, I'm more than eager to bang out the winter gear. So as my dear booties prepare for their adventures, the shopping/trend following fiend can't help but add to my collection.
One style of boots I've been excited for are the ones that were trolling Burberry's A/W 09 shoes. They're just above the ankle boots, in sharp black styles and biker-esque styles. Ofcourse, given my student status and thus funds incapable of covering a Burberry price tag, I am more than satisfied with New Looks adaptation of the trend (doubtful that they were directly copying Burberry but I'm seeing quite the resemblence)

Burberry eat your heart out! These copy-cats are only £50 fr... on Twitpic

Thursday, 1 October 2009

Home for the weekend

Hat and blazer: Topshop, white top: French Connection, beige top: H&M, leggings: American Apparel, boots: M&S

Looking at the pretty pictures

One thing I love is a magazine to look forward to. Given, I feel that pang of excitement when the new monthly issue of Elle arrives at my doorstep, but what really gets me going is a magazine that taunts me for months and months and a few more. AnOther Magazine  was launched in 2001 by Dazed group and is a only published twice a year and as you can imagine, pretty thick in size covering an entire season in one magazine and all. Being under the Dazed umbrella, one can only expect this magazine to be artistic, edgy and forward thinking. When actually exploring this magazine, any apprehension is thrown out the window, run over by some cars and rolls into the gutter. Alongside great writers and featuring articles not just of a fashion nature but also on a more cultural note - such as an interview with Gore Vidal (issue 10) lies an array of breathtaking images that are almost numbing that you're pinned to your chair - looks like Derren Brown's a hack.
This Christina Ricci shoot from the Magazine's 2007 Spring edition perfectly encapsulates the commanding and hypnotic nature of the style of the photography featured in this magazine. Is it weird that I'm almost about to reach for the cling film to make myself a pair of glasses...  I've stopped myself, shouldn't really actively make myself look like more of a doof than I already am i suppose.

The magazine is currently on its 17th issue with powerful pictures quickly flicking through to the next as if teasing us just enough that we are seduced into making the purchase.

In fact, the magazine is so influencial that Liberty has now created 4 window instilations influenced by AnOther Magazine

Photos via AnOther Magazine's twitter album

Tuesday, 29 September 2009

A new kind of outfit

My lecturer today was discussing the evolution of e-retailing and where we buy from bla bla bla and then asked which phones we have, the only two models she dropped were iPhone and Blackberry, and as expected, basically the whole lecture hall had one of the two.
As a proud iPhone lover, I started thinking about the notion that our phones are new fashion accessories. If my iPhone is another communication of style and personality, surely people should be customising their appearances or buying covers, skins or cases to make them stand out from the crowd, just like I wore my bowler-esque slash trilby hat to complete my outfit today.
Gareth Pugh has now confirmed this thought of mine that phones will soon be dressed like my barbie dolls had been when I was younger (I promise I don't play with Barbie's now...)
Pugh has created a shell covered in his signature style of bold, geometric graphics to make my iPhone edgy with a designer label attached.
Who's to say it is only people and plastic fake people that deserve a nice outfit? Possibly a new trend of designers entering the technology market in a new way in near. With an abundance of Apps by designers I hardly think we are far away from a collection of phone accessories.

In the natural nature of designer outfits this is a little bit of pricey one at £53 from AnOther but it is a Pugh after all

I'd like my shoes with some booze please

Christian Louboutin not only makes the shoes to take you to the club, he's now providing the booze for you to forget about the pain we put our poor little feet through, perfect combination...
Christian Louboutin has teamed with luxury champagne makers Piper Heidsieck to create a limited edition champagne providing this incredible box set consisting of a champagne bottle and glass shoe with a beautifully sculpted heel that is reminiscent of a opulent wine-stopper or the lid of a crystal decanter.
This beautiful piece will be available through Colette from the end of October.

Piper Heidsieck is no stranger to a fashion collaboration with a collaboration with Viktor & Rolf in 2007

The master on your bedside table

What would you do if  Karl Lagerfeld was sitting in your room, wearing his signature black shades, a skinny black suit and a matching studded tie and belt. Would you be scared by his strong stance and solemn face?
What if I told you that you could be one of those lucky few to experience this unimaginable occurrence? ...
Visit French designer Colette's website, pay around $190 and the 10" Lagerfeld figurine made by Tokidoki can be yours :-)
Did I maybe get your hopes up a little like I was his bestie who can arrange for the master to come to your house for a chat? not quite.
Rumour has it this little buddy will be debuting on Karl's t-shirts in his K collection. 
You gotta get there quick as only 1000 will be available, a bit of a collectors/rare item I believe