Wednesday, 11 November 2009

A different view

As I hit letters on my keyboard, I'm starting to think this post should be neatly tucked in between fashion week posts and the world of fashion dictates to keep posts up to date with every clock hand turn, but with that said I am not promoting new shows or trends as I have probably showed off these collections at earlier dates, rather, I'm proving the power of photography and settings.
Always being that poor excuse of a initiator, I sit on chair with a large camera in my hands big enough to topple me over thinking yes, very soon I shall learn how to use one of these. Yet here I am quite a long time after very soon still gaugling at other's works repeating that same phrase. I may have now mislead you to think I'm showcasing my work - it still in its figurative state. NO, no, what I'm getting to, rather longwindedly, is that as I look back at LFW catwalk shows, I realise that sitting idle at a computer screen looking at girls walk down a runway with very little facial expressions does not evoke much out of me. Take the camera man by the hand and lead him backstage and it's a whole new ballgame where the clothes are given personalities and come to life.