Saturday, 20 February 2010

Can any beauty bloggers out there think what shade this could be?

Bloted Footwear

Clogs seem to be taunting me with every magazine turn I have made in the last few months as they are pictured on almost every page waiting for me to give in to them. When making their first appearance on the Chanel summer catwalks, I figured there could be no way this trend would filter down to the high street, best keep them in the barn.

Yet, the power of super-brands stand laughing as we the trend followers give in. Like a backpack, I am pretty hesitant towards this wooden shoe, yet in standard high-street manner, clogs have been transformed in various ways, and I am ashamed to say I have been sucked in...

I have a feeling the Kurt Geiger Hadassah's will soon be covering my feet

 From Left: Kurt Geiger Jola, Kurt Geiger Hadassah, Topshop Lottie


I've completely fallen for Shawn Brackbill's photography. I came across his work via Susie Bubble's blog where he photographed her in her wonderfully whimsical way, directing me onto his website, and into his wonderful world of shaddows, blurrs and light. The photographs are from his New York Fashion Week collection...

Wednesday, 17 February 2010

Lace, sheer and underwear

photos via: above chaos, knightcat

Tuesday, 16 February 2010


Headscarves and Sunglasses

Vogue Paris Feb 2010
I'm slightly drooling over the leggings!

Playful Fun

Very long over-waited, Alexa Chung has finally crossed over into the realm of designing. Given that her style has been admired and replicated for so many years, it's quite surprising this hasn't occurred sooner. Nonetheless, Chung has finally graced us all with the ability to dress with her supervision as she teamed with Madewell to create a collection. Quoted as casual, fun and playful, this collection is bursting with frills, shorts, velvets and Chung's all-time favourite material: denim.