Monday, 23 November 2009

This is Sparta!

For those who havent seen 300 I accept that I wont be receiving a soft chuckle for my post title but for those who have, my reference here relates to Acne's S/S 2010 collaboration with designer Husam El Odah with a slight warrior feel.
The collection proposes metal plates in expected places such as shoulder pads and back pockets whilst mixing in unexpected knee pads.

Husam currently has a collection of jewelry in Topman sporting soldiers and manly tools like his spanner bangle.

Mid-day cravings

Sunday, 22 November 2009

Call me Annie Leibovitz

My naivety was quite extreme when I started begging for a SLR camera thinking it couldn't possibly be as hard to use as the buttons and features on the objects make themselves out to be. Obviously the word idiot should be stamped on my forehead as low and behold the camera  has been sitting on my desk tormenting me for the better half of this year. Well action was taken last weekend as I actually dragged my ass into town and took a course. Yes, I finally understand why my images were blurry and not in the good out of focus way, just plain old blurry.
Needless to say my photos from the day are pretty lame like my door handle in focus with the background blurry but I hold my head high with pride. Yet, the door handle is as far as I have gotten this far and so street style pictures will have to wait a tad longer for me as I really don't want to fiddle around whilst someone walks away from me out of boredom. Instead, I'm having to "borrow" images from the professionals.

Absolutely in love with this outfit. It's making me want to flick some paint onto my black leggings a little bit. Possible DIY disaster me thinks...
(photo via dirtylittlestylewhore)