Saturday, 21 November 2009

Where should I park?

I'm on a slight Selfridges rant atm but I've stumbled across amazing snaps from the Vivienne Westwood Anglomania show on Tuesday in the Selfridges car park. After the Mothers4Daughters charity sale, this car park is seeing quite a lot more fashion action that its usual stampede of yellow bags it is used to. 

Joyful help

It's now that time of the year when I'm contemplating buying the cheaper tomatoes with the pounding reminders of christmas shopping closing in. The lovely people at Selfridges have decided to help me with this conundrum by offering us all 20% off of a massive range of brands all housed in their kingdom.
Click here to participate in the joy.

*** click on the terms to see which brands are participating

Friday, 20 November 2009

When a chunky knit wont do

If I were forced to compliment the weather of our grey-skied country, I think the word "predictable" is best suited because of its hidden negativity. Whilst the cold is it always welcomed, the layering of clothes associated with the wind is. A cardi, a trench, gloves and a scarf. The scarf suddenly becomes the jewelry bringing an ensemble together. The choice of scarves is thus bound to be an important one, an inevitably there are choices, choices, everywhere.
Ahliya's new collection wraps a soft piece of cashmere around our bare, cold necks making it undeniably tempting swap a pillow for a scarf.

Thursday, 19 November 2009

TomTom Geometrics

No I'm not writing a strange post about my sat nav as the title may imply, I'm in fact boasting about the mesmerising sharp, tribal - esque yet immensely feminine jewelry by Tom Tom.
The collection, called Shape Shape It Up, is a node to jeweled and golden symmetries with quite a friendly price tag of around $100+ attached to it.

A wintery summer

I know I've been M.I.A for about a week now, and I've completely lost my way in the world of blogdom and made it onto the wrong side of the road admiringly watching all the fashion bloggers marching by tutting at my lack of writing but my oh my are deadlines all over me, it aint no joke when they say 3rd year's a bitch. Well I aim to keep my posts a tad less sporadic so that this ickle page of mine doesn't fall back into a distant memory...

My slip of the word "marching" was a slight ploy to get me to this point where I can neatly slide my post in all about shoes, shoes, shoes. These shoes are the works of Nicholas Kirkwood. This crafty man has become known for his collaborations on the runways. What has caught my eyes is his play on the Summer. On one hand, Kirkwood gives us the bright, pop-colours we all embrace when a twinkle of sunlight begins. Yet, somehow Kirkwood has flipped the script by showing us summer can still show off the studs and metallics we'e all undoubtedly invested in this season with his almost robotic Rodarte wonders. Studs studs studs are here to stay