Friday, 18 September 2009

What Will They Think Of Next?

photo via pearlsofwisdom


I was doing a little wardrobe clean out yesterday and came across a stack of boring, five year old jeans. So I blew the dust off of the pile and stood in front of the mirror playing dress up.
Number one - charity, number two - charity, number three - keep, maybe. As my keep pile mounts up, I know I'm falling into my same old trap - a pile of jeans I'm not going to wear. A DIY moment rose from the ground. I've been seeing slashed jeans in quite a few places Acne jeans, a few blog posts, and thus a slashed jean is my new project.
A trip around my house showed I don't have a blade/fabric knife that would have made my job a lot easier. Instead, I settled for a large pair of scissors to make the slits and nail scissors to scrape the slits and pull out thread.
40 minutes later and the result is quite fun

Chain Me Up

For those of you who are unaware of etsy , it is an online marketplace for all things handmade. This in effect means that the pieces are unique and not seen in stores thus avoiding the whole high-street wearing clones of each other we have all become.
There's one piece in particular I'm loving right now which is a gunmetal plated chain by barestyle which is best worn as a body chain but is versatiale and adjustable and so can be worn as a necklace.

That's What I Call Eco-Fashion

image from the dirtyprettys 

Thursday, 17 September 2009

Lets Play Dress Up

This photoshoot by photographer Ami Sioux brings to life the 10 year old inside me who wants to play dress-up with mummy's clothes.

Polyvore Art

One thing I love doing is cruising polyvore for inspirational imagery. This site is a great way to express creativity with very a accessible medium. I came across work by Azragirl who has intertwined clothing with emotion and has created images that attach meaning to clothing.

Chanel - Jade

It's the shade they were painting us with on Vogue's Fashion Night
Out, the shade that embraced the runways swapping red for green. I'm still on a maybe...

Wednesday, 16 September 2009

Photo via

Imagine The Images

Our experience of fashion is changing. In these times of instant, digitally-fuelled information, the fashion image is no longer confined to the static world of the printed photograph. Today we are confronted with a dramatic new fashion universe, where photography, film, performance, music, art and technology combine to create an infinitely richer landscape. - from Somerset House website 
Tomorrow unveils a new exhibition in Somerset House by SHOWstudio's Nick Knight. The iconic photographer launched SHOWstudio in 2000 whereby experimentation of fashion imagery thrives, develops and takes on innovative and emotive forms.
An example of this is Nick Knight's portrayal of fringing with Lily Donaldson. The 2D imagery of fringing is proven to no longer the most effective means of showing its movement.

Nick Knight is now bringing his work to Somerset house. Taking place during Fashion Week, the exhibition will involve the studio's efforts with fashion's high players. Phone messages with models, exceptional photo shoots and interactive pieces are all to be found. There's even a massive, 7 meter statue of Naomi Campbell to be scribbled on whilst you're there or sitting at home typing away on your laptops. What's more, live photoshoots will take place for all to see with Knight and other photographers.
And don't forget, as this is taking place at the venue of LFW, you'll be sure to catch some high flying fashion insiders. 
Networking event take two?

Trailer for the event:

American Apparel Vintage Eyewear Sale

La Rodarte

The scene - New York Fashion Week.
In this modern world, primitivity is at its rarity. La Rodarte brought us to an animalistic and historic time where lion is king and Michelin stars are non-existent.
What have we learned today? Felt tips are not just for primary school, they're for designers too... **Warning - the ink is not permanent**.

Monday, 14 September 2009

Why I Want To Be In Paris

In February, the boyfriend and I ventured around the romantic city of Paris. We visited all the popular tourist sights that one has to see their first time in the magical city - Eiffel Tower, Arc de Triumph, Champs Elysees etc etc. What I stupidly failed to explore was the Porte de Clignancourt flea market, the largest antiques market in the world receiving up to 180,000 each weekend.
Featured in the Vogue blog a Chanel jacket was said to be a great find.
Well, there's always a next time...

Layer Me Up

After my Wang post I'm really loving layers and more layers. I think this takes some time to perfect so here's another collection that can help - From Danish brand Best Behavior S/S 09 and A/W 09 collections.

Knitted Fantasies

This dress by Jemma Sykes is one where dreams are made. Photographed in the dark and faltering woods, the dress (names The Elizabeth) is almost angelic, something straight out of a fairytale. Putting the aesthetics of the dress aside, its formation is equally astounding. This dress is completely hand-knitted in 100%  organic wool created for ethical fashion label Butcher Couture known for their "Food for thought" mantra.  It was displayed in the Origins section at Harrods and was later auctioned off at a breast cancer charity event.

This is the dress at Harrords, off the set now and captures a more regal role.
At first glance, I had a slight fashion de ja vous and the image of Carrie in season 6 of SATC sitting on her hotel bed in Paris in her Versace seafoam layers dress came to mind

Sunday, 13 September 2009

Back In My Life

In my 21 years of living I have accumulated quite a large amount of stuff be it clothes, bags, shoes, pretty  but irrelevant boxes, candles, and even a random headless statue. Through this process - as one might expect, I end up forgetting what is in my closet of hidden treasures. However, when something slithers out of my cupboard to remind me of its existence, I tend to get quite excited. Today was one of those moments.
I randomly came across this photo of a beautiful Olsen twin and I remembered I have a dress tucked away in a drawer somewhere that has a similar detailing on the back - minus the price tag. Throw over it a white backless dress and hey presto I'm an Olsen twin. (pause to accommodate for your laughter) Oh and if I ever do get a backless dress I'll be sure to put up a snap of the ensemble.

He's Wanging Them

As we all must know by now, I'm a bit of a Wangaholic, I've been Wanged, however you want to say it I LOVE HIM!
His S/S 2010 collections showed his mass versatility and his geniusness (I know that's not really a word but I couldn't think of a word and wasn't willing to sacrifice so made it up instead)
Wang is generally known for his urban collections fit for any woman whilst always keeping her a bit edgy. Each piece of his A/W collection was understated yet sharp and brilliant.

However, his S/S collection shows a new side to Wang. Lets say farmhouse/country cabin girl meets high fashion.
Layering is abseloutly key to achieve Wang's look for Spring/Summer. Be it by layering skirts, tops or apparently underwear. Quite handy for shameful UK summer.
Has anyone else noticed the constant theme of ankle boots by most designers?
What else we've learned from wang?
- below the knee socks
- Capri pants
- Corset over tops (link to my previous outfit )