Saturday, 12 September 2009

Hurrah For Retail Therapy

So today was one of those days that just kept on kicking my ass! I got an invite to the a sample sale I will keep anonymous because of the bitch-fest I am about to unleash that started at noon. The invite said up to 90% off. Jackpot I thought. So in my prompt fashion I arrived a 12:05, and apparently half an hour too late.
As I got to the entrance I started to follow the maze of a queue round and round the block. I arrive at the back and figure half an hour queueing tops! Wrong wrong wrong.
This queueing palaver became one of those moments where you've been standing for a while and start thinking I can't back away now it can't take too much longer. Oh how many times I said that to myself. Finally after a while (I don't want to say how long) I arrive to the front of the queue. YES I enter, walk up a flight of stairs and oh hello yet another queue. Now by this point the hunger pangs kick in as does thirst and my desire to scream or maybe push some people down the stairs to get through - violence is never the answer. I put this all aside and stand there like the polite and patient lady I attempt to be.
After a little (or forever) longer I get inside. Mmmm not what I'd expected. The only items involved in this sale are these store's specific items, not those from the entire department store. This meant grandma-ish prints, lots of men's shirts and a few bags. Hours of queueing, minutes of browsing.
As you can imagine, I was pissed off! Retail therapy was needed. Liberty was my stop.
After a little stroll on the ground floor of Liberty department store and I purchased this very sweet Marc by Marc Jacobs ring
What's brilliant about this ring is that it can fit practically any finger size as it has an adjustable ring inside --> Perfect fit!
Obviously feeling better after this lovely purchase but was still quite pissed off about my sample sale misfortune.
Note for future sample sale endeavors:
1) Do some research - wouldn't have gone if I'd known it was limited brands
2) Take a sandwich and some reserve snacks
3) Take more than one little bottle of water, possibly coffee in a thermos?
4) Take a friend for some entertainment - people get bored of phone chats.]
Oh when I finally got to the tube to go home, a massive queue for the platform formed in Tottenham Court road station. Once again had an image of pushing everyone out of my way similar to the jungle style scenes in Mean Girls. I think I have queue trauma now.

NY Fashion Week Updates

NY Fashion Week, 11th & 12th September.
Fave pick No.1: Erin Wasson x RVCA - sort of expected after my previous post slash shrine to this stylish dare I say icon? - well I can for sure say a factor of my outfit inspirations.
This collection was very beach babe/hippie influenced using a wealth of neutrals and whites. The blue shirt shown above is borderline tie-dye.
The entire collection sported ankle boots and outfits that take you straight to a night out. Metallics were also quite prevalent as with previous Summer collections.
Apart from the obvious trend of neutrals and earth tones, a wide assortment of trends and garment styles are shown:
Edge with Cynthia Rowley
 Prints with Jason Wu
Satin with Luca Luca
Colour splashing with Nicole Miller
Big shoulders with Preen

*pics from*

Playing Outdoors

Cardi - H&M, T-shirt - Zara, Dress - Topshop, Boots - Belstaff 

I love love love corset dresses but I tend to shy away from purchasing them as I'm a bit busty and am not such a if u have it flaunt it kinda girl...
Solution: wear a t-shirt underneath
I'm kinda blending into the garden with my florals

Friday, 11 September 2009

NY Fashion Week Updates

 As I've already bitched about, I am not attending NY fashion week. I do however have a laptop and can visit for to fulfill my cravings for catwalk updates.
Don't worry, I'm not going to bore all with every photo and every designer. I have however chosen my faves to show :-)
First up is Jen Kao.
Clearly inspired by nudes, this collection immediately takes me to a rooftop bar by the pool sipping a cocktail. This palette with the use of satin and draping makes this so romantic that even the sleeveless biker jacket has a romantic feel to it.

From romantic we get to bad-ass with Vena Cava
This collection is a complete 180 from Kao's as black is dominant. Every model in this collection sports black bangles and black accessories be it a black visor, black sunglasses or black shoes.
The safety pins are reminiscent of Elizabeth Hurley/Versace but as dress 1 shoes in a less revealing and dare I say DIY way. 
My final top 3 is by Wayne.
The reason I love this collection is due to a) it's wearability and b) it's urban-cool-chic factor.
Black and white are the cohesive colours for this collection but yellow appears in subtle forms. I will now put my Mango yellow shorts to good use.
* NOTE - I'm in love with the second leggings!

Why Bunny Ears??

Although the Spring/Summer 2010 shows have begun, I still keep getting questions and confusing as to why Marc Jacobs decided to use bunny ears for the Louis Vuitton AW collection. So here I shall end this dilemma...

In this behind the scenes video of the Madonna shoot, he said:  "There's a girl who works for us, Lucy, she's on the design team, and Adrian, one of the boys, was tying a little bit of fabric around and it reminded me of bunny. We were thinking of all these different things like can-can dancers, and I saw this piece of fabric wrapped around Lucy's head and said, 'Bunny ears, that's what we need to finish this look.' So we made all these bunny ears and that's how it happened. I like the kind of Playboy, French coquette aspect to it."
This just goes to prove, inspiration can strike at any time.

Vogue's Fashion Night Out - My experiences

September 10th saw a big day indeed for the fashion calender what with the first day of New York fashion week and the biggest shopping night out the world has seen... As I do not have the privilege of attending the prevalent NY shows, I am here to share with you my experiences of Vogue's Fashion Night Out.
I exited Oxford Circus tube station at 19:00, an hour into the shopping event to find that my friends were on New Bond Street. Alas, I make my way down to the Burberry store with the vain hope that I will see that glorious smile of Christopher Bailey. During my escapade to Bond Street, I see a mass gathering of people outside the Zara store, fascination overrules my urge to sprint to Burberry as I wonder over to see what the commotion is all about. I look into the store windows - Woah, the mannequins are moving! No no fooled eyes, four models, 2 male, 2 female, wearing over dramatic make-up and holding SLR cameras are posing for the on-lookers outside the store. I got a bit  snap happy but having left my SLR at home as I feared the tourist look kinda killed the outfit, only poor quality snaps prevail. 

As I continue my quest to Burberry, I pass stores of such fashion divinity I can't help but slow my pace. Finally, I reach a corner and low and behold, my first stop. As I walk into my first store of the event I am greeted with a glass of Vodka and lime - why not, and catch my friends. Two of them have just finished uni studying the same course as myself and so were on a networking quest. As I still have a while to go, I simply took in my surroundings. Sir Phillip Green here, a Burberry model there, and lets not forget Alexandra Shulman standing in front of me and in walk Alice Dellal and Daisy Lowe. 
So yes, big names were present in store one. I continue trolling the store in admiration over signiture Burberry trenches and stunning jewlery I hadn't seen before. The two that caught my eye were a silk woven chain necklace and a leather woven chain necklace - DIY weaving in order I believe.
Exit Burberry, next stop - Chanel. Got to Chanel, saw a large queue so went to get Joseph popcorn, saw amazing Alexander Wang boots in store, queue dies down, went into Chanel store and immediately was intoxicated by the smell of the Jade nail polish being applied to visitors. As we reach upstairs ,I see Daisy Lowe getting make-up applied draped in Chanel pearls, dressed all in black and amazing Chanel shoes. A moshpit then formed and so sadly I did not see the actual photo shoot take place. I went downstairs to drool over the bow collars that I love so much and exited the store. A short stroll into Nicole Farhi followed and then a hop, skip and a cab later (lazy I know) we were in Browns and the Browns Focus. Apparently designers such as Henry Holland were there but I saw none of the sort. I did however see those same Alexander Wang boots I saw in Joseph. I think they're following me.
Next stop was Prada. Entered a lucky draw to win a bag - a girl can dream! had a wonder and then was off to Marc Jacobs - it's closed, sigh. Walk to Christian Louboutin and was welcomed by a choice of 4 free ice-cream flavours. I pick coffee and it'délicieux ! Walk into the store and Colour, colour everywhere! such a joy to the eyes... 
Final stop was Theory as 2 of my friends were interning there. Bumped into PR ladies, who bad me cannot recall, and the night was over.
Bad us should have also headed down to the high-street end and heard DJ's and supermodels fashion tips but hey lets cross our fingers and pray for a repeat next year!

Thursday, 10 September 2009

Reader's Request

I received an e-mail the other day with the following request:
Hey Dana,
I think it's about time I ditch the UGGs but I need an alternative before I do.
I'm looking for a casual pair but obviously nicer than UGGS that I can buy on a budget (max £60 odd) but keep in mind my legs are quite skinny so I can't really pull off anything chunky.
Thank you!xxxx

I have searched far and wide using the internet and my fave high street stores that are appropriate for this reader's request. I must say it's slim-pickings out there, many high-street stores are selling boots in the £70-£80 bracket, but do not fret, I have compiled a selection of great boots to suit your needs. I hope these aid your quest for the perfect boot! (click to enlarge)

From top left: 
£50 -Dorothy Perkins, £60 - Next, 
£59.99 - River Island, £55 - Next, 
£50 - Next, £50 - Dorothy Perkins, £50 - Dorothy Perkins,

From top left:
£70 - Miss Selfrdige, £68 - Topshop, £50 - Miss Selfridge,
£45 - Miss Selfridge, £30 - Faith, £40 - ASOS,
£45 - Aldo, £14 - Primark

From top left:
£50 - Barratts, £50 - Barratts, £45 - Debenhams,
£35 - Barratts, £35 - Barratts,

Tuesday, 8 September 2009

Marc Jacobs is Naked

Marc Jacobs stripped down for Louis Vuitton December 2008
I know it's old but this is the first time I'm seeing images from this shoot and couldn't resist posting it!

Help me: these shoes are seducing me

Louis Vuitton has named these pumps 'Sensual Pumps'. Featuring their engraved logo on the sole and the intoxicating colours of this shot, I actually feel as if these shoes are trying to seduce me.

Monday, 7 September 2009

Introducing High Street Fashion Week...

In the midst of celebrations of 25 years of London Fashion Week and the BFC (British Fashion Council), Oxford Street has introduced High Street Fashion Week this week with Alesha Dixon as its "high street fashion queen" voted by 1,000 West End Shoppers. 
Today showed the first stages of High Street FW excitement on three Central Line trains between Tottenham Court Road and Marble Arch. In total, 8 models created a runway show sporting the latest and greatest that the high street has to offer. Stores involved are: Debenhams, Next, River Island, Marks & Spencer, Selfridges, John Lewis, House Of Fraser and Uniqlo. 
Laura Ramos, of the event's organiser said: ''It took 20 minutes to complete the Central Line catwalk show, which gave a unique preview of this season's stunning High Street fashion outfits... This is the first time ever that a fashion week has been made so accessible to the public." As a member of the public, I thank you - not that I was there but as someone who is not attending LFW, I am appreciative none the less. Between this, Boris Johnson on the cover of Elle and underground posters for LFW, London transport is really pushing its way to promote consumption.

Vogue's Fashion Night Out

This post is for those of you who a) don't know about this event b) are unsure whether to go. For these reasons, I shall explain this event in detail.

Vogue's Fashion Night Out is taking place on September 10th (this Thurs) in London's Oxford street and the surrounding main shopping destinations. The event is also taking place in 12 other countries (New York, Moscow, Saõ Paolo, Beijing, Madrid, Milan, Taiwan, Paris, Tokyo, Delhi, Athens, Berlin).

The night entails stores open far later than normal, some until 11pm, music, DJ's, canapes, drinks, designers in stores such as Luella, Christopher Bailey, Matthew Williamson and more.
The Vogue website is regularly updating it's information as new attractions unravel.
Here is a list of what I'm most looking forward to: (click for entire list)
- Live Vogue shoot in Chanel on Bond Street between 7pm and 9pm - styled by Kate Phelan, shot by Jem Mitchell and with Luke Hersheson on hair and Kay Montano on make-up it'll be fashion history in the making.
- Check out supermodel Jourdan Dunn styling up her fans in Topshop between 8pm and 9pm. Champagne and live DJs promised, too.
- Be served by William Tempest, Henry Holland, Marios Schwab and more as the designers takeover at Browns. 
South Molton Street 
- Head to La Perla and celebrate the launch of its new fragrance, J'aime La Nuit, with a specially created Queen of the Night cocktail. 
Brewer Street
- Join Vogue's Emma Elwick at DKNY where Bungalow 8 will be recreated - complete with male model waiters behind the bar, resident DJs, Bungalow 8 cocktails and DKNY 20th anniversary Champagne. 
Old Bond Street.
- Strike a pose at Anya Hindmarch and have your photograph taken with one of the designer's autumn/winter bags. 
New Bond Street
- Watch Vogue's Fashion Director Lucinda Chambers vamp up the Giorgio Armani store windows at 6.45pm
- Don't miss the exclusive black ice cream being created in honour of Fashion's Night Out by Selfridges. Delicious.

So whatever you're doing this thursday... CANCEL ALL PLANS AND HEAD INTO TOWN!

Participating stores: