Friday, 7 August 2009

Swimwear Steal

Thought I should share the love, the wonderful Biondi is having a sample sale with 70% off swimwear today and tomorrow!
If you're planning on some beach fun you might want to drag your asses down to 55b Old Church St., SW3 5BS (
These costumes are seriouly cute and no doubt will get you noticed!
Standard prices: £50 - £200 (post sample sale)

Thursday, 6 August 2009

Kurt Geiger

So I know I'm a little late to be mentioning this as the issue is about to be taken off the stands but what the hell, when inspiration strikes...
Flicking through Vogue's August catwalk report, I find myself unable to tear my eyes away from the Kurt Geiger shoot.
A large factor for this is most likely because of the coloured suitcases reminding me that I can start packing tomorrow for my wonderful month in the sun! But ofcourse there are other, more post-worthy reasons.
What I love about this shoot is that the suitcases, although of such large sizes and unlikely colours, are not the focal point of the shoot. The shoes the model is wearing even when not placed at the forefront of the shot immediately capture your gaze.
I must note that I have never really been a follower of Kurt Geiger shoes nor did I think they had especially individual designs. Boy how wrong was I??
A double paged shot reads the caption "Spoilt For Choice" and this is no lie. With this innovative display of shoes and the matching advertorials, Kurt Geiger have made a definite 180 to my opinions.
Hats of to Kurt Geiger!

Wednesday, 5 August 2009

A little gem for my trinket box

Walking down Portobello Market I skim in and out of the antique jeweler stalls,haggle with the sellers and always leave feeling delightfully satisfied.

One stall that ALWAYS (can’t stress this enough) brings a smile to my face is the gorgeous Junk Jewels stall. The Junk Jewels table is always filled with delicate, well-crafted jewelry that all seem to evoke some sort of emotion.

What’s more is you can cutomise the jewelry to suit your style. A large selection of charms and chains are offered as well as the display of already made pieces. During my latest visit I scrambled through the pile of small charms on the table and found a golden pair of wings that I instantly fell in love with. Immediately, this charm was placed on a delicate, thin ring and voila my very first jewelry design success! New profession…?

They're staring at me!

So today I'm strolling around my local shopping center just minding my own business when I start to notice people are staring at my legs.
As I am only 5 ft tall I highly doubt they were mesmerized by my short little legs, so it must be my leggings... It's not like they were looking at me in awe or with a smile, it was with more of a confused note.
I caught a woman actually looking me up and down but not actually looking at my face! I ask you, really are my leggings that crazy? They seem pretty low key to me??

Mmmmmmmm... makes me love them more :-)

Tuesday, 4 August 2009

How to wear the A/W trend

As A/W catwalks portrayed attitude, power and authority, one may take this with a snide giggle of irony after being made redundant or having a slash in bonuses whilst another may thrive on this trend and exude such confidence themselves.

Either way, stores will now undoubtedly be filled with exaggerated shoulder dresses and jackets, structured blazers and killer heels. This summer has already embraced this proven by the infinite number of boyfriend blazers being sported by the public.

Whilst browsing through the multiple shows from the catwalks, I began to wonder how we can all translate this trend to suit our styles. Clearly each person has their own unique style, some edgy, some softer.

Balmain seems to be the designer that best portrays this structured, winter trend, the glistening silver dress being of much hype in fashion magazines with George at Asda making a Well, epecially in the UK, we will very quickly be saying goodbye to the summer and hello to Winter… I hope this helps inspire! Remarkably similar one.

Asda - £16

But what if I am not a fan of the structured shoulder? Or what if I want to incorporate these tailored pieces but with an element of fluidity? 3.1 Phillip Lim’s collection gives you just that.

My doubts in this trend initially stemmed from my unease, or shall we say indecisiveness, towards the extended shoulders and my longing for holding onto the fluidity and movement of the summer season. However, I must accept that seasons change and I MUST ADAPT.

I shall definitely embrace the leather the next season will undeniably bring… I am loving the Balmain studded leather dress (I have just recently purchased a gold studded high waisted skirt from Topshop) and I am actually being won over by the shoulders especially on a sharp black blazer teamed with a casual tee.

Phillip Lim


Well, epecially in the UK, we will very quickly be saying goodbye to the summer and hello to Winter… I hope this helps inspire your next wardrobe step!

In Keeping With The Chanel Theme...

With the launch of the CoCo Chanel movie, it feels only appropriate to pay a small tribute to the undeniable pioneer and royalty of fashion...

“Fashion is not something that exists in dresses only. Fashion is in the sky, in the street, fashion has to do with ideas, the way we live, what is happening.” Coco Chanel

Coco Before Chanel Trailer

Monday, 3 August 2009

Emma Watson for Burberry

19 year old Emma Watson is the girl we’re all talking about. No longer is she simply known for her role in the 6 movies of Harry Potter bringing her a net worth of £10 million. She has now taken the fashion world by a storm signing a contract with Burberry in June and currently featuring in their Autumn/Winter campaign. Creative director of Burberry Christopher Bailey explains Watson’s classic beauty, great character and modern edge made her an obvious choice for this campaign.

This blogger must agree. Watson’s natural beauty is definitely reminiscent of previous Burberry models such as Rosie Huntington-Whiteley and lily Donaldson making her a perfect fit for the new campaign. 

Rosie Huntington-Whiteley   

Lily Donaldson 

When asked about her take on fashion, Watson presses on an artistic note, aided by her studies of art. "I've been focusing on art a lot, and fashion's a great extension of that.” 

Sunday, 2 August 2009

Elegant Allen

Lily Allen for Chanel

Drumroll please…

The first photos of Lily Allen’s campaign for Chanel are finally upon us.

For those of you who had your doubts (I am with you) I am here to confirm, with the wonderful Karl Lagerfeld as the photographer, the campaign is a beautiful, raging success.

Lilly Allen looks elegant and feminine draped in Victorian-esque ruffled cuffs and collars with a touch of glamour by the glistening tiara. 

Free People Summer 09

Love Love Love!

So I am officially in love with the American brand Free People, operated by the one and only Urban Oufitters. Their lines are creative with a boho-chic undertone yet is also wonderfully quirky.

Although there are no Free People stores in the UK, us lucky Brits can order their products online and have them shipped and mailed to our doorsteps…

It is quite likely more posts on Free People are to follow. 

Free People Summer 09 collection (Enjoy!)


Photographer to watch!

Viktor Vauthier

Viktor Vauthier is a French born, London raised photographer who uses no airbrushing, no elaborate lighting… photography in its truest form.

The photos bring reality and escapism together with the natural non threatening models and elaborate poses and sharp imagery.

Check out his blog:

*Note* loving the girls’ outfits

Alexa Chung & DKNY

Alexa Chung fronts DKNY Jeans A/W 2009 ad campaign

DKNY Jeans has signed Alexa Chung to front its autumn/winter 2009 ad campaign, shot by renowned street-style photographer Scott Schuman. Alexa appears in the ads from August. She follows in the footsteps of Daisy Lowe who fronted the spring/summer campaign.

DKNY to Elle UK “Alexa was chosen because her style epitomises that of the DKNY Jeans girl.”

Tanya Ling - fashion illustrations

Tanya Ling – Fashion Illustration Gallery

For the last three years Tanya Ling has blurred the fine line between art and fashion creating illustrations of International Ready-

to-Wear Collections such as Lanvin, Chanel, Louis Vuitton, Prada etc. showing the changing and evolving looks of each. 

The new works added to this series illustrate the key looks from the Fall/Winter collections 09 and will be exhibited at The Mayor Gallery, 22A Cork Street, London W1S 3NA from July 24th to August 14th. 

Viewing is only possible by appointment.

Phone: +44(0)20 8543 6731  or email: info@fashionil-









Louis Vuitton

Vogue Italia & Barbie

Vogue Italia celebrates Barbie

Vogue Italia pays tribute to Barbie with a special collector's edition Barbie supplement. The title has replicated the July's Black Issue with a special supplement featuring artistic photography and fashion featuring Barbie dolls.
The first black doll from Barbie was launched in 1967 as Black Francie, followed by the first official Black Barbie doll in 1980. Autumn 2009 sees the unveiling of a new collection of 'So In Style' black Barbie dolls, designed with more authentic looking features; the dolls will be available in a limited edition launch of 2,000, sold exclusively in quality toy outlets in Italy and available in the US and on, rolling out to the UK early next year.