Friday, 23 October 2009

Body Painting

And I thought tattoos weren't feminine...

Can I live in these photos?

My personal belief is that the most powerful thing about art is the way it immediately evokes a response. It's not like a TV show or that book you read three chapters of before you decided you didn't like it, art instantly awakens your mind. Of course this all depends on one's definition of art. So to avoid all philosophical connotations that arise when the word art is spoken, I will state now I am referring to paintings, photography and sculpting.
One man's work who will always continue to astound and challenge all sides of my brain is photographer Tim Walker, a man who will without fail provide some sort of inspiration.
This photograph that is displayed as entering his website perfectly encapsulates this point.
An extremely large, dark house: alone, darkness, gloom
Filled with balloons: children, parties, laughter, even Parisian Dior adverts
Join the two together in this Walker photograph = food for thought

Lets do something together

I'm not sure whether it's down to the recession and brands are trying to boost spending by stirring new excitement, or it just so happened but I've found myself dumbfounded by the amount of collaborations that have sparked into action over the last 6 months. 
Christian Louboutin as I've mentioned has stepped out of his luxury footwear creations and developed an amazingly crafted champagne inspired (not to be worn) shoe with his collaboration with Champaign legends Piper Heidsieck. And now, even Barbie gets to be blessed with a pair of Louboutin's for her 50th birthday. Louboutin is now creating pink pumps for our plastic dolls that will be replicated form those worn down the recent Barbie runway.
Although, this has created a tad bit of controversy at the shoe designer said Barbie has "Cankles" tut tut...

Next up on the collaboration front is Kanye West simply because I had no idea this went on, but I'm not really the target audience to be fair. 
News has it that Kanye West created a line of "sneakers" - trainers over on this side of the world - for Louis Vuitton. 
And I must say, this mixture of premium materials, suede, gold rings and a nice Louis Vuitton stamp, I feel strangely drawn to them.... The mysticism of branding has taken hold!

Thursday, 22 October 2009

Coming down the mountain

Hat: River Island
Top, bag and skirt: Topshop
Leggings: American Apparel
Sandals: Next

Tuesday, 20 October 2009

Is this what you do at 2:30am?

What others call an addiction to shopping, I like to call an illness because no matter what the situation is that month, I WILL BUY THOSE BOOTS. Talking to some friends it seems us girls are willing to completely starve ourselves or just buy those shitty £3 ready meals that will last all week just to take that cash and spend it on our appearances. Sad aint it?? What's sadder is I'm shamefully victim to this and will cut back on all I can for the sake of fashion.
Instead of allowing myself to up and leave the house and venture out to the tempting fortress of a shopping center, I innocently sit online endlessly browsing through retailer's websites.
Topshop is obviously a favourite and I actually find their website way to tempting and fear that I will fall into their seductive forces.
Instead, I clicked onto Polyvore to make a little wishlist/never gonna happen collage of items that have caught my eyes. mmmmmmmmmmmmm shopping......

Even my alcohol is studded

These winter times have called on a mass rock/edgy following with studs being seen everywhere. I'm not going to lie, I have massively adorned this trend, mostly because I can buy a big bag o studs and decorate away.
The question I pose here is how far to trends go. We're aware fashion seeps into interiors with designers such as Vivienne Westwood creating wallpaper but now I give you this, a studded, leather Absolut Vodka  bottle for their ABSOLUT world, you rock campaign. I'm now waiting for someone to make me a studded salad bowl...

Lets play dress up

We've all finally accepted the fashion houses take on the bunny ears but if rumours are true, we're going to have to give in to drag now too. It's not been released whether she'll actually be sporting a mustache and a thick pair of eye brows but Madonna is apparently going to the play the admirer of the bunny ears. The word from Grazia is Madonna will be modeling for the a D&G menswear campaign. A bit of a leap from her latest seductive, long legged Louis Vuitton campaigns?

Monday, 19 October 2009

Not another Burberry boot!

I know it seems I flick through every high-street retailer in sight in hopes of finding more Burberry-esque boots but this River Island gem actually came looking for me... With the chunky heel, buckles and folded over warmth, my search can come to a much-overdue end...

Warning in advance: This is completely self-involved post but I have no shame as
Today marks a very special day as it was the very first time I've seen my words printed beyond this cyber-world that consists of a larger audience that a receiver of a birthday card or text message. I was a feature writer for my uni's newspaper boasting all about this wonderful page of mine. A little thank you pause here for the editors xx

I feel pretty, oh so pretty

François Nars of Nars cosmetics made his long-aprehended return to shows this season by taking on the high-profile duty of perfecting the 1960's inspired make-up beamed by Marc Jacob's models down the runways of New York. Eyes were line in swift, black and white motions whilst faces remained pale.

In a of you scratch my back I'll scratch yours kind of way, Marc Jacobs also fell rule into Nars's colourful hands and is featured, pouting, in Nars's third photography book that uses iconic imagery and celebrities to highlight a specific Nars product and emotion. 
In Marc's case, his usually hunky animated body has been, shall I say, made effeminate boasting red lipstick and red Nars nail polish in" Dovima" shade. 
Aint he pretty?