Saturday, 7 November 2009

Another Topshop concoction

It always baffles me when someone asks me to define my style. Without getting philosophical about what style actually is, I think of my cupboard as a tad random to clearly summarise. Not only does my "style" change frequently, it seems to differ with seasons. To answer this question I figured best to show pieces I like and judgements can be made by all as to my style...
As per usual, the selection is made by ye old faithful Topshop - how conventional of me I know but a) it always teases me with clothing I'd love to blow my funds on and b) images are abundant so I don't need to go searching too hard. Pardon my semi-laziness?

 The sequin trousers make me drool but I shall resist with my personal pantomime of recession/don't give into short-lived trends

The velvet playsuit  is a certain purchase as soon as I hit local ground

decorative leggings are and Im sure will be for a long time my fail-safe items.

My updated rant to Santa

Contrary to what this title may have you assume, I won't share another letter to the bearded man as I fear in the whole tell a wish it wont come true scenario might bite me in the ass. Instead I'll summarise as more of a news sharing bulletin (have I given the impression that i believe in Santa now?)
One thing we can't deny in London, or really the entire Western world, is the hype and effort stores contribute to making our Christmas full of smiles and ultimately consumerism. What a better way to seduce my eyes this month than with a Christmas tree decorated in L's and V's?

Yes, it's another pop-up store. Louis Vuitton set up shop in Selfridges especially for Christmas, filled with goodies and pleasures. What's the star/limited edition offering good ol' Marc hooked up? (which if i ever meet him will definitely stumble out more like Mr Jacobs). It's all about the dogs at Louis Vuitton. Find rows of doggie bags, collars, leashes etc and promote your dog loving further with the special edition dog motif t-shirt. My rant to Santa is undoubtedly on a more selfish note relating to their non-dog products lest I feel to emasculate my largely sized dog.

* Summary- I guess I wasn't lying with my "rant" title - Check out the Louis Vuitton Christmas edition store in Selfridges

Wednesday, 4 November 2009

Back in time

When I hit year 10, I followed the crowd like the ickle sheep I was and metaphorically threw my backpack into the fire and switched to the oh so cool Nike string bags to ensure I was always congruent with the "cool kids". Gone were the days of my Animal backpack with the dangling monkey smiling behind my back. 
Since that day I have not dared to slide a backpack on and subconsciously snigger and cringe at the thought of a backpack. I now find myself torn as I seem to have regressed back to my innocent youthful ways and have actually fallen in love with a backpack. I guess the Chanel logo and irresistible gold chains remove any nerdy connotation a backpack can hold. Oh the power of luxury.
Photos via fashiontoast

Tuesday, 3 November 2009

Global education

We are all aware of the immensely publicised - especially with Twitter on the go, of our major fashion weeks where designers and models showcase creations down the runways of Paris, London, Milan and New York. My question is why do we stop there? Why don't we go further and embrace the collections featured in Japan fashion week during the latter quarter of last month?
I've personally always admired and been astounded by the creative and innovative style that ecompasses the far reaches of Asian lands that I pray to venture to some day soon, yet I know nothing about the designers and their collections spawned from this part of the globe. Shamefully, the only names i can recite are Comme de Garcons and Yohji Yamamoto (after some expected stuttering) and that's only because they pop themselves down to Paris fashion week! Well the shame haunted me enough and off to Google I went for some schooling.
One brand that really encompasses everything I was hoping to find is Dress 33. Designer Toshikazu Iwaya combines theatre, couture and luxury in the collections shown on their website where every inch of a garment is immaculately detailed.
The website boasts pictures of both A/W 09 and S/S 09 collections with a video of the latest S/S 10 collections.
S/S 09 is a a nod towards empowerment with military connotations. It is definitely filled with more black than expected in a summer collection but hey, the length is kept short for some breeze.


Sadly, I can't get images of the latest show but watch the video. The collection is full of colour and tiered silks.

Another seriously interesting collection is by mint designs where the collection uses quite cute pyjama looking prints and turning them into anything but cute. A tad bit more Halloween-esque with the wires on the models faces, possibly avoiding swine flu? Here's how to make swine fashionable... pause for pity laughter...

Just a little request

It's no great surprise to you that this letter comes with my usual request of a bag. But Santa, this year I want a very special kind of bag. I know, I know, every year it's the same old story, but this one is special. It's shelter for my beloved laptop and iPhone. I bet you raised your eyebrows at the thought of a laptop case. "Why a laptop case?" I predict you'll ask. Well Santa, it's because Mulberry made me this laptop case with their irresistible Mulberry demure. The collection shows off shiny, patent, impeccably crafted laptop bags that will have my laptop and wallet fighting over a turn at being carried around in a new beautiful home. Mulberry has even been so kind as to make cushioning for my laptop and extra pockets for my headphones and iPhone. I wont be selfish Santa and ask for the entire collection, but with oh such different styles and colours to chose from, I'll leave that one to you...
Love always
Fashionfollowed x

Monday, 2 November 2009

A sleepless night as I dream of you

Dearest Chloe 'Susan' boots

Flicking through the years

What better for the creative and inspiration deprived mind than a jam packed, 300+ paged book presenting actors, artists, models, political figures all photographed in the Vogue way. Yes, it's another Vogue book which always promises work from the best photographers such as legendary Annie Leibovitz, Bruce Weber etc.
The book shows photos dating back to the beginning of the 90's showing how our society has developed and with it what constitutes as art, fashion and celebrity. Oh how our modern ways are put to shame.

The World in Vogue: People, Parties, Places is not yet released but can be pre-ordered over at Amazon.

Sunday, 1 November 2009

Heavy metal


Is David Koma best left for the catwalk?

They only come out at night

I've recently taken on the role of social recluse as impending deadlines are nearing, so my street style intake is pretty limited. Luckily, this land of computers means I don't have to step out of my 4 walled confinement.
One area I've been gagging to explore is the Liberty/Show Studio initiative where passers by took photos of themselves with our favourite and mysterious Gareth Pugh judging the best street style.
Flicking through the days and time slots a certain trend arises. Morning-16:30 shows happy smiling children, families, shoppers etc pulling funny faces, couples kissing etc. Once 17:00 hits and those stuck at work venture onto the streets the frame changes and more colour and personal style takes over.
The most interesting time of day at any day has to be when the sun has gone to sleep and creativity breaks loose.
Sticking to the topic of style I've picked out my fave photos that typically start from the 5pm slot.
Once night hits it is a bit harder to see but squint your eyes, move your face onto the screen if needed and see what initiative lives in our streets of London.
Two girls put in the effort to bare all clothes for g-d sake!