Friday, 12 February 2010

To the man who personifies all that is British in fashion. 

Thursday, 11 February 2010


I find myself scrolling around Tumblr just looking at images that sprawl up emotions, inspirations etc. Quite uncanny the way a photograph can actually pick at you. Given, a photograph of my own face will usually lead to the same "Ugh" sound, but of others they can be quite refreshing... These photos are quite synonymous with my "I want that" result, especially long, plaited, Alexander Wang hair!

Take a walk outside

I'm absolutely infatuated with this idea of "underwear as outerwear". I know it's been quite a few months since this trend debuted on the catwalks but it's finally entered the public domain with the ever-exposed celebrity stalkings. My infatuation does not stem from wanting to see people in their underwear - before I am misunderstood, rather about this entirely taboo area that was always kept behind closed doors. It's a whole new frilly, sheer world out there!
For one, I can't stop eyeing this "The Lake and Stars" romper... Am I now able to wear this outside my safety zone of the front door?

Tuesday, 9 February 2010


I have great news wonderful readers: A brand spanking new iPhone App for a more organised way to read these posts on the go :-) and is nice and FREE... (wonderful word). Just type fashionflw into the app store

I hope you enjoy!

Monday, 8 February 2010

Return to the sun?

Cruising around the shops today all bustling with new spring/summer trends of neutrals, florals, peaches and shorter lengths made me feel quite desolate when I walked out to trickles of rain, as if the stores are just tormenting me to keep my umbrella in tact and just stare at imagery of sunshine. After coming across this beautiful sunshine filled picture by Luxogram, which has actually been shot using Ektar film, remember film? I'm finding myself daydreaming about tearing up my dissertation notes and flying far far away to a warmer land... Oh dreams...


Loving the fringe! via: thefashionsmoke

An arm and a leg

After a grueling week of cutting and sticking for a uni project, I'm finding myself moulding into my bed, completely at my blankets whim, hence my lack of posting... apologies!
Whilst in my solemn state, I've come across this amazing DIY tutorial that I must share! At first glance i just thought great trousers, without realizing they are actually sweater sleeves sewn onto cycling shorts...
photos via: behindtheseams