Friday, 15 January 2010

Backstage Following

Those of you wonderful people who have been readers of my world of words would know my love for backstage catwalk photos over your standard runway photos. Even when the shots are from previous seasons I am  firm believer that the clothing comes back to life when they are shot backstage on models that are full on life or interacting with the clothing themselves. When this happens with clothing that I loved on the catwalk themselves, my excitement factor for the shots rises up a notch.
These shots from Gareth Pugh's S/S 2010 ticked every metaphorical box. I love that the girl in black is awkwardly touching her hair. She completely encapsulates the contrast between this gothic piece and the more girly pink dresses.

The vintage inspired February covers of magazines gives an elegant and pastel outlook on the Spring season that is yet to come.

Start to imagine the falling leaves and the greens and oranges that will soon take over the landscape. Whilst on this vintage theme of Spring I find myself yearning for more vintage yet modern imagery to inspire me away from my still too near and vivid memories of snow. This set from polyvore was just what I needed to inspire, especially because of the gorgeous Lanvin ballet shoes!

 by aly cat.

Thursday, 14 January 2010

Spike My Classics

The most adored Burberry trench has gotten a rocker make-over. It seems after Scott Schuman's "The Art of The Trench" exploration, the trench has become more coveted than ever. Following suit, Christopher Bailey has given the classic outerwear a good studding for the limited edition range for Parisian boutique Colette.

Wednesday, 13 January 2010


Following my nail polish rant I had a strange cruise around nail polish websites to see what to add to my collection and came across Essie Matte polish and got pretty excited. This polish takes any shimmery/shiny polish and gives it a completely matte appearance. Rubbish explanation, - this is one of those times where a picture is worth a thousand words..
photos via: whatkatiedidherpolish


Now we know that the impact of street style fashion blogs and websites have become the latest fashion inferno with their relevance to designer's collection ever increasing. Now to unveil street style's new territory... card games???? Not having seen this first-hand I will not make any judgements as of yet, just a load of question marks.

Greener Droplets

Being quite an insane nail polish fanatic, I undoubtedly get bored pretty quickly by the dark browns and reds, so when an unexpected colour draws my attention, it must be attempted.
The latest experiment was along the lines of Chanel's Jade but with a more pastel undertone. Enter: Essie Mint Candy Apple. The shade was introduced for their Autumn/Winter 09 range but me thinks such a vibrant tone deserves some sunshine and will defiantly make an appearance during the summer... Remember sun? That vague, distant memory...


The man who took animals to a new platform (pun intended) we hadn't seen before is back. Yes, it's Ashish who brought the zebra and leopard platforms that stirred the blogosphere faster than most. Ashish integrates into the wider category of Topshop's clothing with clothing adorned with spikes.

** Note: spikes are kicking their younger siblings - the studs, away from the limelight, with Topshop's designer collaborations aiding their way.

These spiked beauties are Louise Goldin's first  footwear endeavor set to arrive in February.

Sunday, 10 January 2010