Thursday, 24 December 2009


My standard walk from uni to town becomes second nature, turn right at the yellow building, boring old betting shop in front, pass the dirty kebab shop.. Good old Manchester. And so, as you can imagine, a new store that emerges through the dust inevitably brings some excitement to my journey, be a new retail store I have not heard of yet... well, baby in a candy store best explains it.
Picture painted, imagine the joy I felt when stumbling across a brand spanking new, extra large vintage store on route amusingly named COW, ** for any Manchester residents this was a few months ago it just took me a while to wear my purchase.
This dress's faux leather decorated shoulders were screaming my name, I felt it only fair to take them home and nurture them. any excuse for a long sleeved dress...

dress - COW, leggings and heals - Topshop, boots - M&S, belt - Primark

Wednesday, 23 December 2009

Adorn me with jewels


SRC: Corinne Stoll, Piczine blog

Tuesday, 22 December 2009

Decorative Dressings

I'm currently in the process of moving rooms and what started out as being a fun task to distract my studies - bad, bad - has turned into a googling obsession finding more and more features to please my eyes. Toughest challenge yet: wallpaper. Too much choice really does leave one baffled... I've just come across Dame V.Westwood's wallpaper collection over at Liberty's and although my pocket wont allow for it, it can't harm to flick through.

I quickly became mesmerized by the thought of lining my wardrobes with the ruched tartan print. possibly play a little game of confusing wardrobe onlookers: is it wallpaper? is it clothing?
Sad little game sure to keep me amused...

Monday, 21 December 2009

Layers and Embellishments

Based in Buenos Aries, Trosman unveiled to the world her first collection in 2002. Full of layers and luxurious fabrics, your eyes can't help but inspect each crevice of her garments.
The colours infused in her collections confirm the designer's tropical heritage whilst their construction proves her artistic and superb design skills.


The whirlwind of technological advances that have come to define the 21st century makes us embrace new developments and sadly say goodbye to the old and outdated inventions of technologies past. The VHS, found a bigger brother in the DVD, soon to be replaced by Blu-Ray. Such improvements are welcomed for their superiority and comfort. Yet, when those that are dear and loved banish from the mass-market with, in my mind, no logical replacement, I am left mourning.
Those over at helpless-romantic have taken on this grief with a tribute to the polaroid camera.

We'll miss you!x

Whilst on this camera rant, thought I'd slip this illustration in that i found via: Floweret

Let it Snow

There is no denying the beauty that snow brings to our darkened city, brightly highlighting every leaf featured outside. Yet as with most things that bring us joy (cynical self enters) there is a downside to the weather mainly the freezing temperatures and the hazardous roads... my poor little car wouldn't even make it up the road.
The more it become obvious that our Christmas will be white, the more it seems we're regressing back some thousands of years in evolution towards our animalistic pre-human selves (that is of course only if you believe in evolution) as more of us wrap up in fur - faux or real, myself included. A serious fur obsession as kicked in with my fur coat, collar, hat... where will this fur madness take me next?
SRC dirtylittlestylewhore
Tights, skirt and shoes - Topshop, body - Miss Selfridge, fur coat - vintage,