Monday, 23 November 2009

This is Sparta!

For those who havent seen 300 I accept that I wont be receiving a soft chuckle for my post title but for those who have, my reference here relates to Acne's S/S 2010 collaboration with designer Husam El Odah with a slight warrior feel.
The collection proposes metal plates in expected places such as shoulder pads and back pockets whilst mixing in unexpected knee pads.

Husam currently has a collection of jewelry in Topman sporting soldiers and manly tools like his spanner bangle.

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Poster Girl said...

The leggings and denim jacket are my favorite. As for the Ashish wedges you asked about, they're actually comfortable. I wore mine out dancing last weekend with no pain the next day. The cushioned two inch platform helps a lot. And they get a lot of attention when you wear them!