Friday, 22 January 2010

Blue Tones

Last Summer brought about subtle adaptions of denim, mostly noted by the baggy, denim shit. Denim was ever so slightly coming alive it forms other than its life-long entrapment covering our legs. Denim jackets started to swarm the streets with denim waistcoats catching on. Well, the denim plight had been officially victorious as numerous catwalks paraded denim in many shapes and forms.

My absolute favourite of all pieces are the Cloe jeans with light denim knee patches, that H&M has kindly made a copy of...

photo via: allaboutit

Denim brogues, Topshop


Anastasia said...

great pictures!

carina100 said...

Great images, where are they from? Cx

bravegrrl said...

i want that big velvet pillow bed !


FashionFollowed said...

anastasia: thank you :-)

Carina: they're brilliant right? they're from W magazine:

Bravegrrl: it completely puts my boring bed to shame haha