Friday, 23 October 2009

Can I live in these photos?

My personal belief is that the most powerful thing about art is the way it immediately evokes a response. It's not like a TV show or that book you read three chapters of before you decided you didn't like it, art instantly awakens your mind. Of course this all depends on one's definition of art. So to avoid all philosophical connotations that arise when the word art is spoken, I will state now I am referring to paintings, photography and sculpting.
One man's work who will always continue to astound and challenge all sides of my brain is photographer Tim Walker, a man who will without fail provide some sort of inspiration.
This photograph that is displayed as entering his website perfectly encapsulates this point.
An extremely large, dark house: alone, darkness, gloom
Filled with balloons: children, parties, laughter, even Parisian Dior adverts
Join the two together in this Walker photograph = food for thought


Anonymous said...

wow they really take your breath away

Peaches and Cream said...

Beautiful! I remember some of these photos from Vogues past...that Lily Cole shoot in India was really amazing.

Lucie said...