Tuesday, 20 October 2009

Is this what you do at 2:30am?

What others call an addiction to shopping, I like to call an illness because no matter what the situation is that month, I WILL BUY THOSE BOOTS. Talking to some friends it seems us girls are willing to completely starve ourselves or just buy those shitty £3 ready meals that will last all week just to take that cash and spend it on our appearances. Sad aint it?? What's sadder is I'm shamefully victim to this and will cut back on all I can for the sake of fashion.
Instead of allowing myself to up and leave the house and venture out to the tempting fortress of a shopping center, I innocently sit online endlessly browsing through retailer's websites.
Topshop is obviously a favourite and I actually find their website way to tempting and fear that I will fall into their seductive forces.
Instead, I clicked onto Polyvore to make a little wishlist/never gonna happen collage of items that have caught my eyes. mmmmmmmmmmmmm shopping......


Anonymous said...

do you know how much that marc jacobs bangle is?!!!!!!!!!!

FashionFollowed said...

mmmmm i made this so long ago I really don't remember sorry.... will have a browse around for u x