Wednesday, 7 October 2009

Higher Please

Thigh high boots have become the current craze for all trend followers this season and for the first time are not associated with shall I say those who are dubbed with negative tags of a sexual nature..? (keeping it PC over here). The trend was seen all over the catwalks during last season's fashion shows. One designer pushing this boundary as high as she can is Miuccua Prada.
Prada's new Waders are dubbed as thigh-high wellies/fishing boots with some sporting matching leather garter-style hold ups.

It was only a matter of time until the editors out there played on the water-proof nature of these boots and the Chinese did just this with a fishing themed editorial in the Chinese Vogue October 2009 issue. Who would have thought a fishing expedition could hold such beauty? Checklist for next fishing trip: Frizzy hair, trench coats and thigh highs...

Although the boots look great on the models, controversy arose concerning the wearability of these baggy, ultra-high leg creations for us regular, not so skinny and tall people. Sigh.
However, a very fashion-forward passer by was photographed wearing these boots with the greatest of ease. Although my bank card cannot lead to me a Prada store, I have however just purchased a pair of thigh highs and will be showing some outfits in the near future.

photo via stylesightings

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