Wednesday, 7 October 2009

Spend spend spend

The wonderful people at Topshop decided to give us poor Manchester students a break offering a nifty 20% off of EVERYTHING in the store! Two female dj's kept us kids buzzing whilst my arms were weighing me down more and more from the mountain of clothing I was accumulating. Walking around the store I came to the conclusion that students dress bloody well with such a vast array of styles. Through the mayhem I decided best not stop these mission shoppers for a snap but I am definitely carrying my camera around for some street style shots, I think I shall call it Following Cam?
There was one outfit I'm still regretting not snapping so I'll do the next best thing and attempt to describe it. A romantic, sheer peach, long sleeved top with a punk t-shirt rolled into a crop top, messy hair, leggings and studded boots - probably one of things you had to have seen to appreciate but just the right of femininity with edge that I like so much.
At the end of it, to my despair, I did not purchase a mountain's worth of clothes but I did get these amazing pair of "April" boots. They're really reminiscent of those Acne wedges I blagged on about in a previous post and have the wedge of the Ashish boots without the crazy-factor built in (I haven't given up on my search for them in my size though)

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