Monday, 21 December 2009

Let it Snow

There is no denying the beauty that snow brings to our darkened city, brightly highlighting every leaf featured outside. Yet as with most things that bring us joy (cynical self enters) there is a downside to the weather mainly the freezing temperatures and the hazardous roads... my poor little car wouldn't even make it up the road.
The more it become obvious that our Christmas will be white, the more it seems we're regressing back some thousands of years in evolution towards our animalistic pre-human selves (that is of course only if you believe in evolution) as more of us wrap up in fur - faux or real, myself included. A serious fur obsession as kicked in with my fur coat, collar, hat... where will this fur madness take me next?
SRC dirtylittlestylewhore
Tights, skirt and shoes - Topshop, body - Miss Selfridge, fur coat - vintage,

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Lucie said...

you look gorgeous i love the outfit