Monday, 21 December 2009


The whirlwind of technological advances that have come to define the 21st century makes us embrace new developments and sadly say goodbye to the old and outdated inventions of technologies past. The VHS, found a bigger brother in the DVD, soon to be replaced by Blu-Ray. Such improvements are welcomed for their superiority and comfort. Yet, when those that are dear and loved banish from the mass-market with, in my mind, no logical replacement, I am left mourning.
Those over at helpless-romantic have taken on this grief with a tribute to the polaroid camera.

We'll miss you!x

Whilst on this camera rant, thought I'd slip this illustration in that i found via: Floweret

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Claire Marie said...

Ahh, I want a polaroid camera so much... I have no idea why they're discontinuing it! Especially, as you said, with no logical replacement :(

Love the OM-10 illustration though <3 My boyfriend just bought one and it's sooo cool. I'm in love with film photography at the moment.
Hope you have a happy new year! Great blog! x