Wednesday, 6 January 2010

Egyptian Cotton Snoozes

The word fashion itself holds numerous connotations and definitions, with each person attaching their own definition to the word. There is no doubt that when breaking down the term fashion with models strutting down the runway as champagne drinking, stiletto healed women follow their steps with turns of their heads , fashion brings with it luxurious discipline. Giorgio Armani no stranger to this world has expanded his reach into this world of luxury and moved into the largest tower in the world. Yes, Armani has taken on the role of hospitality and has decorated the interiors of  Dubai's Burj Tower hotel, the first of Armani's venture in this field.
Sadly no interior images as of yet but if Armani's interior range is any indication of the hotel's decor, expect dark wood interspersed with relaxing tones of browns and creams.

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Laura - Emerald Green 88 said...

That building is amazing! I wikipedia'd it and it takes 4 months for window cleaners to clean it all! Just don't stay there if you're scared of heights haha.