Friday, 8 January 2010


With expected shameful nods in agreement, it's pretty likely that quite a few of us have slacked at the gym 8 days after vowing to go every day as a **new years resolution**
Such hassle goes along with it, and the usual girl envy when I see a sweat-less beauty on the running machine next to me clearly wearing make up, effortlessly panting with me next to her... let's say not as pleasant a sight as her.
Then follows my weight lifting portion of the session where men to my right are lifting 70kg and I struggle with my 15's, all the while bitching about my hair clip digging into the back of my head. Yes, hairbands sound like the clever substitute but I'm not a fan of the pulling of my hair. And then, hey presto, came along a clever little gizmo called Linziclip with its handy flat surface letting me lie down on the map for my sit ups without me swearing every time my weight shifts up my body.
Photos are an obvious no no at the gym so for a more animated picture of the clip:

Sadly, a hair clip cannot motivate gym-going.

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