Wednesday, 5 August 2009

A little gem for my trinket box

Walking down Portobello Market I skim in and out of the antique jeweler stalls,haggle with the sellers and always leave feeling delightfully satisfied.

One stall that ALWAYS (can’t stress this enough) brings a smile to my face is the gorgeous Junk Jewels stall. The Junk Jewels table is always filled with delicate, well-crafted jewelry that all seem to evoke some sort of emotion.

What’s more is you can cutomise the jewelry to suit your style. A large selection of charms and chains are offered as well as the display of already made pieces. During my latest visit I scrambled through the pile of small charms on the table and found a golden pair of wings that I instantly fell in love with. Immediately, this charm was placed on a delicate, thin ring and voila my very first jewelry design success! New profession…?

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