Sunday, 30 August 2009

Paris vs UK

One thing I love exploring is how fashion and beauty differs between different countries.
The August issues of Vogue Paris and Vogue UK proves the typical, and somewhat stereotypical, differences between the two country's styles.

At first glance, the two covers appear to be not just of different countries but even different decades.

The top cover is clearly UK Vogue showing the typical edginess of British style. Bold and bright fonts teamed with an abundance of headings almost smack you in the face with pure British intensity.
Sasha Pivovarova stands proud and powerful in an almost feminist
stance. Wearing only a blazer and a pout, seduction and supremacy are commanded.

The second cover is almost a complete 180. This cover is romantic and feminine, with a vintage-esque feel - all that is expected from the capital city of love.
The cover is solely focused on the model with only one heading. The Parisian elegance is further promoted by the delicate use of cream coloured font.

Could us wild Brits ever pull off such a cover? I think not.
- In all honesty, I will forever admire the quirkiness and overall guts of British style.

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