Tuesday, 1 September 2009

Ashish explained

Evening arrives, I pour myself a cup of Earl Grey tea, turn on the TV, recline on the couch, laptop on lap and escape to a land beyond - the internet. Blog, blog, blog, ebay, gmail, facebook, check out Topshop.

I spot very cool leopard and Zebra print wedges.

I see they are by a designer called Ashish. Who's Ashish? I wonder for a moment, I continue browsing

Later on that fine Summer's day still thinking about those boots I found designed by a man I have not heard of, I return to the Topshop website astounded by the fact that I cannot get these shoes off of my mind. Excitement rises… "back in soon" is captioned. Back in soon? I repeat out loud. Two reactions followed: 1. I now REALLY want these boots (possibly because I can't have them *I found them on Ebay for £285?!*), 2. Who is this Ashish guy??? I start to Google... Here is what I find on LFW website:

Designer name: Ashish Gupta

What are your design signatures? “Sequins, glamour, sportswear and more sequins.”

Name three things that are inspiring you for spring/summer 2010: “Summer vacations, holiday romance and faraway places.”

How would you describe the Ashish woman? “Fun-loving and sexy with a sense of humour. She likes to make an entrance.”

What venues sum up quintessential London for you? “The Everyman Cinema in Hampstead for rainy afternoons; Primrose Bakery for the best chocolate cupcakes; Claire de Rouen books on Charing Cross Road for books on fashion and photography.”

Where in London do you find most inspiring? “The library at Central Saint Martins.”

So what have I learned? This guy loves sequins and clothing that stands out. The man is no liar, these Topshop wedges are definite eye-catchers.

Intrigued, I continue to explore his other creations.

As we can clearly see, Ashish is not a designer that sticks to basics. Bold, bright colours dominate his collection along with sequins, animal prints, pom poms ensuring everything clashes to that level where they clash so much that it works. Ashish also experiments with different silhouettes, with loose harem pants and a baggy sweater along with body-con dresses.

Quite doubtful I'll ever be seen wearing his catwalk collection but I will be waiting for the removal of the "back in soon" caption to fulfill my leopard printed wedge desire.

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Poster Girl said...

I hope you get your hands on a pair. I have the zebra ones, and I love them!