Friday, 4 September 2009

LFW & London Transport

25 British designers (and Naomi Campbell) produced posters for London Underground to celebrate 25 years of London Fashion Week.
My fave posters are those by Christopher Bailey, Antonio Beradi and Henry Holland.

The Christopher Bailey poster is by far my definite favourite as it so accurately typifies Londoners.
Today, as always, I sat complaining after my return from sunshine that can only be found abroad, about the RAIN RAIN RAIN in London.
After I saw this poster, I actually associated a smile with London.
No matter what the weather, Londoners will find a way to manipulate fashion to their advantage i.e. glamorous wellington boots

Antonio Beradi collaborates all that is classically London - The London Eye, Buckingham Palace guards, the Union Jack and couture. By keeping the entire poster black and white except for the colours of the Union Jack, an immediate feeling of "Britishness" and patriotism is transmitted.

Finally, I love the poster by Henry Holland because its light-heartedness and simplicity, and I think it's really funny :-)

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