Wednesday, 16 September 2009

Imagine The Images

Our experience of fashion is changing. In these times of instant, digitally-fuelled information, the fashion image is no longer confined to the static world of the printed photograph. Today we are confronted with a dramatic new fashion universe, where photography, film, performance, music, art and technology combine to create an infinitely richer landscape. - from Somerset House website 
Tomorrow unveils a new exhibition in Somerset House by SHOWstudio's Nick Knight. The iconic photographer launched SHOWstudio in 2000 whereby experimentation of fashion imagery thrives, develops and takes on innovative and emotive forms.
An example of this is Nick Knight's portrayal of fringing with Lily Donaldson. The 2D imagery of fringing is proven to no longer the most effective means of showing its movement.

Nick Knight is now bringing his work to Somerset house. Taking place during Fashion Week, the exhibition will involve the studio's efforts with fashion's high players. Phone messages with models, exceptional photo shoots and interactive pieces are all to be found. There's even a massive, 7 meter statue of Naomi Campbell to be scribbled on whilst you're there or sitting at home typing away on your laptops. What's more, live photoshoots will take place for all to see with Knight and other photographers.
And don't forget, as this is taking place at the venue of LFW, you'll be sure to catch some high flying fashion insiders. 
Networking event take two?

Trailer for the event:

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