Monday, 14 September 2009

Knitted Fantasies

This dress by Jemma Sykes is one where dreams are made. Photographed in the dark and faltering woods, the dress (names The Elizabeth) is almost angelic, something straight out of a fairytale. Putting the aesthetics of the dress aside, its formation is equally astounding. This dress is completely hand-knitted in 100%  organic wool created for ethical fashion label Butcher Couture known for their "Food for thought" mantra.  It was displayed in the Origins section at Harrods and was later auctioned off at a breast cancer charity event.

This is the dress at Harrords, off the set now and captures a more regal role.
At first glance, I had a slight fashion de ja vous and the image of Carrie in season 6 of SATC sitting on her hotel bed in Paris in her Versace seafoam layers dress came to mind

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