Friday, 18 September 2009


I was doing a little wardrobe clean out yesterday and came across a stack of boring, five year old jeans. So I blew the dust off of the pile and stood in front of the mirror playing dress up.
Number one - charity, number two - charity, number three - keep, maybe. As my keep pile mounts up, I know I'm falling into my same old trap - a pile of jeans I'm not going to wear. A DIY moment rose from the ground. I've been seeing slashed jeans in quite a few places Acne jeans, a few blog posts, and thus a slashed jean is my new project.
A trip around my house showed I don't have a blade/fabric knife that would have made my job a lot easier. Instead, I settled for a large pair of scissors to make the slits and nail scissors to scrape the slits and pull out thread.
40 minutes later and the result is quite fun

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DeeZeeTayy said...

that's so resourceful!
Way better spending tons of money
Check me out!!!!