Sunday, 13 September 2009

Back In My Life

In my 21 years of living I have accumulated quite a large amount of stuff be it clothes, bags, shoes, pretty  but irrelevant boxes, candles, and even a random headless statue. Through this process - as one might expect, I end up forgetting what is in my closet of hidden treasures. However, when something slithers out of my cupboard to remind me of its existence, I tend to get quite excited. Today was one of those moments.
I randomly came across this photo of a beautiful Olsen twin and I remembered I have a dress tucked away in a drawer somewhere that has a similar detailing on the back - minus the price tag. Throw over it a white backless dress and hey presto I'm an Olsen twin. (pause to accommodate for your laughter) Oh and if I ever do get a backless dress I'll be sure to put up a snap of the ensemble.