Tuesday, 29 September 2009

A new kind of outfit

My lecturer today was discussing the evolution of e-retailing and where we buy from bla bla bla and then asked which phones we have, the only two models she dropped were iPhone and Blackberry, and as expected, basically the whole lecture hall had one of the two.
As a proud iPhone lover, I started thinking about the notion that our phones are new fashion accessories. If my iPhone is another communication of style and personality, surely people should be customising their appearances or buying covers, skins or cases to make them stand out from the crowd, just like I wore my bowler-esque slash trilby hat to complete my outfit today.
Gareth Pugh has now confirmed this thought of mine that phones will soon be dressed like my barbie dolls had been when I was younger (I promise I don't play with Barbie's now...)
Pugh has created a shell covered in his signature style of bold, geometric graphics to make my iPhone edgy with a designer label attached.
Who's to say it is only people and plastic fake people that deserve a nice outfit? Possibly a new trend of designers entering the technology market in a new way in near. With an abundance of Apps by designers I hardly think we are far away from a collection of phone accessories.

In the natural nature of designer outfits this is a little bit of pricey one at £53 from AnOther but it is a Pugh after all

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Like your app! Regards, Cee.