Saturday, 3 October 2009


After a three and a half hour flight,  an unimaginable drive up the blind spots of mountains roads, i arrived in Sicily. Whilst trolling through the quaint "roads" - more like pavements, the majority of shops in view are those featuring the standard high-end names one expects to see such as Marc Jacobs, Cavalli, Dolce etc. In the city of ceramics named Caltagirone I entered a shop where a number of look books were laid out for curious window shoppers like me to browse. I stumbled accross the look book of an Italian designer i hadn't heard of named Elisabetta Franchi and picked it up for my two and a half drive back to my hotel. What came next can only be described as enchntment. Never have I come across a look book in which I literally wanted every piece and every outfit featured. The designer has called this collection "a bad and dirty girl" due to the skin tight trousers and provocative nature of the pieces.
As I do not have my amenaties from home with me, I cannot scan the lookbook, however, the website features a number of the pictures from the book.

What I love about this lookbook compared to a catwalk shot is the more wearable and realistic appeal the clothing posesses in which I can actually see how they fit in with the backdrop of everyday urban life. The photo i have enlarged is my favorite and is one I will definitly try to emulate, lets hope successfully....
On a semi-related note, even 6 year old Italian boys dress imaculatly! It's no lie when they say Italians dress well

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