Thursday, 1 October 2009

Looking at the pretty pictures

One thing I love is a magazine to look forward to. Given, I feel that pang of excitement when the new monthly issue of Elle arrives at my doorstep, but what really gets me going is a magazine that taunts me for months and months and a few more. AnOther Magazine  was launched in 2001 by Dazed group and is a only published twice a year and as you can imagine, pretty thick in size covering an entire season in one magazine and all. Being under the Dazed umbrella, one can only expect this magazine to be artistic, edgy and forward thinking. When actually exploring this magazine, any apprehension is thrown out the window, run over by some cars and rolls into the gutter. Alongside great writers and featuring articles not just of a fashion nature but also on a more cultural note - such as an interview with Gore Vidal (issue 10) lies an array of breathtaking images that are almost numbing that you're pinned to your chair - looks like Derren Brown's a hack.
This Christina Ricci shoot from the Magazine's 2007 Spring edition perfectly encapsulates the commanding and hypnotic nature of the style of the photography featured in this magazine. Is it weird that I'm almost about to reach for the cling film to make myself a pair of glasses...  I've stopped myself, shouldn't really actively make myself look like more of a doof than I already am i suppose.

The magazine is currently on its 17th issue with powerful pictures quickly flicking through to the next as if teasing us just enough that we are seduced into making the purchase.

In fact, the magazine is so influencial that Liberty has now created 4 window instilations influenced by AnOther Magazine

Photos via AnOther Magazine's twitter album

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