Saturday, 7 November 2009

Another Topshop concoction

It always baffles me when someone asks me to define my style. Without getting philosophical about what style actually is, I think of my cupboard as a tad random to clearly summarise. Not only does my "style" change frequently, it seems to differ with seasons. To answer this question I figured best to show pieces I like and judgements can be made by all as to my style...
As per usual, the selection is made by ye old faithful Topshop - how conventional of me I know but a) it always teases me with clothing I'd love to blow my funds on and b) images are abundant so I don't need to go searching too hard. Pardon my semi-laziness?

 The sequin trousers make me drool but I shall resist with my personal pantomime of recession/don't give into short-lived trends

The velvet playsuit  is a certain purchase as soon as I hit local ground

decorative leggings are and Im sure will be for a long time my fail-safe items.

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