Tuesday, 3 November 2009

Global education

We are all aware of the immensely publicised - especially with Twitter on the go, of our major fashion weeks where designers and models showcase creations down the runways of Paris, London, Milan and New York. My question is why do we stop there? Why don't we go further and embrace the collections featured in Japan fashion week during the latter quarter of last month?
I've personally always admired and been astounded by the creative and innovative style that ecompasses the far reaches of Asian lands that I pray to venture to some day soon, yet I know nothing about the designers and their collections spawned from this part of the globe. Shamefully, the only names i can recite are Comme de Garcons and Yohji Yamamoto (after some expected stuttering) and that's only because they pop themselves down to Paris fashion week! Well the shame haunted me enough and off to Google I went for some schooling.
One brand that really encompasses everything I was hoping to find is Dress 33. Designer Toshikazu Iwaya combines theatre, couture and luxury in the collections shown on their website where every inch of a garment is immaculately detailed.
The website boasts pictures of both A/W 09 and S/S 09 collections with a video of the latest S/S 10 collections.
S/S 09 is a a nod towards empowerment with military connotations. It is definitely filled with more black than expected in a summer collection but hey, the length is kept short for some breeze.


Sadly, I can't get images of the latest show but watch the video. The collection is full of colour and tiered silks.

Another seriously interesting collection is by mint designs where the collection uses quite cute pyjama looking prints and turning them into anything but cute. A tad bit more Halloween-esque with the wires on the models faces, possibly avoiding swine flu? Here's how to make swine fashionable... pause for pity laughter...

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