Saturday, 7 November 2009

My updated rant to Santa

Contrary to what this title may have you assume, I won't share another letter to the bearded man as I fear in the whole tell a wish it wont come true scenario might bite me in the ass. Instead I'll summarise as more of a news sharing bulletin (have I given the impression that i believe in Santa now?)
One thing we can't deny in London, or really the entire Western world, is the hype and effort stores contribute to making our Christmas full of smiles and ultimately consumerism. What a better way to seduce my eyes this month than with a Christmas tree decorated in L's and V's?

Yes, it's another pop-up store. Louis Vuitton set up shop in Selfridges especially for Christmas, filled with goodies and pleasures. What's the star/limited edition offering good ol' Marc hooked up? (which if i ever meet him will definitely stumble out more like Mr Jacobs). It's all about the dogs at Louis Vuitton. Find rows of doggie bags, collars, leashes etc and promote your dog loving further with the special edition dog motif t-shirt. My rant to Santa is undoubtedly on a more selfish note relating to their non-dog products lest I feel to emasculate my largely sized dog.

* Summary- I guess I wasn't lying with my "rant" title - Check out the Louis Vuitton Christmas edition store in Selfridges

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Anonymous said...

my little chow chow would love a louis collar :o)