Tuesday, 3 November 2009

Just a little request

It's no great surprise to you that this letter comes with my usual request of a bag. But Santa, this year I want a very special kind of bag. I know, I know, every year it's the same old story, but this one is special. It's shelter for my beloved laptop and iPhone. I bet you raised your eyebrows at the thought of a laptop case. "Why a laptop case?" I predict you'll ask. Well Santa, it's because Mulberry made me this laptop case with their irresistible Mulberry demure. The collection shows off shiny, patent, impeccably crafted laptop bags that will have my laptop and wallet fighting over a turn at being carried around in a new beautiful home. Mulberry has even been so kind as to make cushioning for my laptop and extra pockets for my headphones and iPhone. I wont be selfish Santa and ask for the entire collection, but with oh such different styles and colours to chose from, I'll leave that one to you...
Love always
Fashionfollowed x

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