Sunday, 1 November 2009

They only come out at night

I've recently taken on the role of social recluse as impending deadlines are nearing, so my street style intake is pretty limited. Luckily, this land of computers means I don't have to step out of my 4 walled confinement.
One area I've been gagging to explore is the Liberty/Show Studio initiative where passers by took photos of themselves with our favourite and mysterious Gareth Pugh judging the best street style.
Flicking through the days and time slots a certain trend arises. Morning-16:30 shows happy smiling children, families, shoppers etc pulling funny faces, couples kissing etc. Once 17:00 hits and those stuck at work venture onto the streets the frame changes and more colour and personal style takes over.
The most interesting time of day at any day has to be when the sun has gone to sleep and creativity breaks loose.
Sticking to the topic of style I've picked out my fave photos that typically start from the 5pm slot.
Once night hits it is a bit harder to see but squint your eyes, move your face onto the screen if needed and see what initiative lives in our streets of London.
Two girls put in the effort to bare all clothes for g-d sake!

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