Friday, 11 September 2009

NY Fashion Week Updates

 As I've already bitched about, I am not attending NY fashion week. I do however have a laptop and can visit for to fulfill my cravings for catwalk updates.
Don't worry, I'm not going to bore all with every photo and every designer. I have however chosen my faves to show :-)
First up is Jen Kao.
Clearly inspired by nudes, this collection immediately takes me to a rooftop bar by the pool sipping a cocktail. This palette with the use of satin and draping makes this so romantic that even the sleeveless biker jacket has a romantic feel to it.

From romantic we get to bad-ass with Vena Cava
This collection is a complete 180 from Kao's as black is dominant. Every model in this collection sports black bangles and black accessories be it a black visor, black sunglasses or black shoes.
The safety pins are reminiscent of Elizabeth Hurley/Versace but as dress 1 shoes in a less revealing and dare I say DIY way. 
My final top 3 is by Wayne.
The reason I love this collection is due to a) it's wearability and b) it's urban-cool-chic factor.
Black and white are the cohesive colours for this collection but yellow appears in subtle forms. I will now put my Mango yellow shorts to good use.
* NOTE - I'm in love with the second leggings!

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