Friday, 11 September 2009

Vogue's Fashion Night Out - My experiences

September 10th saw a big day indeed for the fashion calender what with the first day of New York fashion week and the biggest shopping night out the world has seen... As I do not have the privilege of attending the prevalent NY shows, I am here to share with you my experiences of Vogue's Fashion Night Out.
I exited Oxford Circus tube station at 19:00, an hour into the shopping event to find that my friends were on New Bond Street. Alas, I make my way down to the Burberry store with the vain hope that I will see that glorious smile of Christopher Bailey. During my escapade to Bond Street, I see a mass gathering of people outside the Zara store, fascination overrules my urge to sprint to Burberry as I wonder over to see what the commotion is all about. I look into the store windows - Woah, the mannequins are moving! No no fooled eyes, four models, 2 male, 2 female, wearing over dramatic make-up and holding SLR cameras are posing for the on-lookers outside the store. I got a bit  snap happy but having left my SLR at home as I feared the tourist look kinda killed the outfit, only poor quality snaps prevail. 

As I continue my quest to Burberry, I pass stores of such fashion divinity I can't help but slow my pace. Finally, I reach a corner and low and behold, my first stop. As I walk into my first store of the event I am greeted with a glass of Vodka and lime - why not, and catch my friends. Two of them have just finished uni studying the same course as myself and so were on a networking quest. As I still have a while to go, I simply took in my surroundings. Sir Phillip Green here, a Burberry model there, and lets not forget Alexandra Shulman standing in front of me and in walk Alice Dellal and Daisy Lowe. 
So yes, big names were present in store one. I continue trolling the store in admiration over signiture Burberry trenches and stunning jewlery I hadn't seen before. The two that caught my eye were a silk woven chain necklace and a leather woven chain necklace - DIY weaving in order I believe.
Exit Burberry, next stop - Chanel. Got to Chanel, saw a large queue so went to get Joseph popcorn, saw amazing Alexander Wang boots in store, queue dies down, went into Chanel store and immediately was intoxicated by the smell of the Jade nail polish being applied to visitors. As we reach upstairs ,I see Daisy Lowe getting make-up applied draped in Chanel pearls, dressed all in black and amazing Chanel shoes. A moshpit then formed and so sadly I did not see the actual photo shoot take place. I went downstairs to drool over the bow collars that I love so much and exited the store. A short stroll into Nicole Farhi followed and then a hop, skip and a cab later (lazy I know) we were in Browns and the Browns Focus. Apparently designers such as Henry Holland were there but I saw none of the sort. I did however see those same Alexander Wang boots I saw in Joseph. I think they're following me.
Next stop was Prada. Entered a lucky draw to win a bag - a girl can dream! had a wonder and then was off to Marc Jacobs - it's closed, sigh. Walk to Christian Louboutin and was welcomed by a choice of 4 free ice-cream flavours. I pick coffee and it'délicieux ! Walk into the store and Colour, colour everywhere! such a joy to the eyes... 
Final stop was Theory as 2 of my friends were interning there. Bumped into PR ladies, who bad me cannot recall, and the night was over.
Bad us should have also headed down to the high-street end and heard DJ's and supermodels fashion tips but hey lets cross our fingers and pray for a repeat next year!

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